We are founded on God’s Word, which guides our worship, personal character, and love for God and others.  We preach and teach God’s Word for everyday life to every age.  We humbly share God’s Word with as many as we can, and live it out in all we do.

We are unified as a church family, with love and respect shown to all.  We care for and support members when they are hurting.  We celebrate together when one is rejoicing.  We lovingly hold one another accountable, without gossiping, when our brother or sister in Christ errs, pursuing restoration.  We give generously to the church and to those in need.

We encourage each other through fellowship regularly.  We delight in having others join our fellowship times.  We help people meet Christ and become a fully valued member of our church family.

We honor the LORD with our worship music and our ministries to children and adults.  We proclaim the LORD in the Lowry area, north central South Dakota, and around the world.

We continue to build upon the faithfulness of past generations.  We add to this legacy and pass the practices of a godly life on to the next generation.