Our vision

We are founded on God’s Word, which guides our worship, personal character, and love for God and others.  We preach and teach God’s Word for everyday life to every age.  We humbly share God’s Word with as many as we can, and live it out in all we do.

We are unified as a church family, with love and respect shown to all.  We care for and support members when they are hurting.  We celebrate together when one is rejoicing.  We lovingly hold one another accountable, without gossiping, when our brother or sister in Christ errs, pursuing restoration.  We give generously to the church and to those in need.

We encourage each other through fellowship regularly.  We delight in having others join our fellowship times.  We help people meet Christ and become a fully valued member of our church family.

We honor the LORD with our worship music and our ministries to children and adults.  We proclaim the LORD in the Lowry area, north central South Dakota, and around the world.

We continue to build upon the faithfulness of past generations.  We add to this legacy and pass the practices of a godly life on to the next generation.

Our Story

The Lowry Pilgrim Community Church (LPCC) is a small non-denominational church located in the hills of Lowry, South Dakota. It is centrally located between several communities, including Selby, Java, Akaska, Hoven, and Gettysburg. Our attenders are mostly from the local area, though several travel over 20 miles to attend Sunday morning services. The majority of attenders are or were involved in agriculture as their primary occupation. Agriculture is the base of the local economy, but there are also many businesses built on hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation.

The church has always placed a high priority on sound Biblical teaching and missions, and continues to build on that tradition.  It was founded in 1901 as a congregational church and transitioned to being a Bible-based non-denominational church almost 20 years ago. Our theology is generally conservative, and we hold fast on the issues that we believe the Bible is very clear on. Though members may hold may differing views on the finer points of theology, we are a tight knit, unified body. LPCC is structured as a congregational church, but most decisions are made by a board with two elders and two to five deacons, depending on who is willing and qualified to serve.

The church has several young families and this is reflected in many of the ministries the church is involved in, such as MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), youth Sunday school classes, children’s time during the service, and partnering with another church on an Awana program. The church also has men’s discipleship groups, Bible studies, adult Sunday school, worship services at the local nursing home, potlucks, and occasional Sunday evening praise and worship gatherings. Though our attendance is fairly small, we are able to accomplish a lot with our limited resources. Our Sunday morning services are fairly informal and relaxed. Our worship music is a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary music and we have special music whenever someone is willing. We have a greeting time, prayer time, a short children’s message and a sermon as part of the service. We also incorporate communion into the service once a month. Most of the children stay in the service with their parents so it can be a little noisy at times, but we do have a small nursery area in the basement where parents can take their kids. Despite the fact that most of our attenders have known each other for a long time, we are still a very welcoming church. We strive to make sure all our visitors are welcomed and engaged by members of the congregation.

The church is looking for a full time pastor, but would be open to part time if that enables our pastor to have more opportunities to share Christ with the community. Part of our goal in having a full time pastor is to minister to the local community. So included with preaching, teaching and shepherding the congregation, we want a pastor who can engage others in the community and share the Gospel with them. We desire to have a pastor who not only challenges us to grow in our knowledge of God and our personal relationship with Him, but also helps us to be better evangelists in our communities. We wish to have a pastor who values God’s Word highly, loves God humbly and passionately, and cares for people deeply. We want someone whose core beliefs are firmly held and agree with church’s statement of faith, but who can also be willing to include other opinions on issues where the Bible is not so clear. We are open to candidates of any age, single or married. We prefer that our pastor have a seminary degree but are open to a Bible degree as well. The church has a two plus bedroom parsonage with an attached garage and large lot in Selby but we are open to the pastor owning their own home if they so desire.